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Don't Take Away The Music

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31st July 2003

9:07pm: A Famous Random Kat update
1. I'm homesick
2. But I'm also happy that I'm staying in TN til Tuesday
3. Because that means that i get to see Flo more this weekend
4. I'm going through Brandon withdrawl
5. He's in Lake Placid for an ice dance championship so he doesn't have his computer and I want to talk to him on IM
6. GAH! I'm such a stalker
7. But he loves it! He's like so happy to have a fan it's adorable!
8. Oh, and I'm also in Brandon withdrawl because he just got done skating his first event in Lake Placid (i checked the schedule) and I'm so nervous for him because he hasn't competed in two years, and the stupid website isn't posting results til tomorrow morning GAH
9. Mimi I love you!
10. Flo I love you!
11. Anna I love you!
12. Christie I love you!
13. Heather I love you!
14. Sarah I love you!
15. Sara spelled differently I Love you!
16. Karen I love you!
17. Laura i love you!
18. Brenda I love you!
19. Amy I love you!
20. Everyone else on my friends list I LOVE YOU TOO!
21. Tomorrow is my grandpa's birthday (that was random LOL)
22. I can't wait to get home
23. Did I already mention that?
24. I miss my mom, and my 3 cats and my kitten, especially my mom and my kitten.
25. And I want to go school shopping, for school supplies, and clothes and all that good stuff
26. Why am I hyper all of a sudden?
27. *shrugs*
29. All American Rejects rock! I just got their CD last week and i love it
30. Michelle Branch rox too!
31. I think I'm done now
Peace, Love, and Forsyth

<3 Kat
Current Mood: bouncy

13 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

25th July 2003

10:45pm: Friends Only

enough said

3 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

24th July 2003

1:07am: do you ever just want to cry
I do. I wanna cry right now. I was going to go to bed about an hour ago, but i couldn't. I want to sit up and cry, but for some reason I can't do that. This week has been an emotional roller coaster. So bad that i had to leave the town where my dad and my grandparents are and come stay with Flo for two and a half days just because i couldn't take it. i lost it yesterday and cried almost all day.

Then, today, i started hurting because of something a friend said and she had a friend of hers say. I don't even know what I did, but somehow, she thinks I don't want to be her friend anymore. All i told her is that she was acting weird. Which I thought she was, it didn't mean that I don't want to be her friend anymore. We've been friends for nearly six years why would I want it to end now? Then i read her journal and she's having problems at home. I don't know if that's why she was upset earlier or what.

Frances If you're reading this sweetie, I'm sorry. I don't want you to ever think that i don't want to be your friend because that's not true. I'm sorry i haven't had time to talk lately. This week has just been hectic. I love you like you're my sister and i miss you and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

i'm out.

Current Mood: discontent

5 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

22nd July 2003

4:42pm: *FOCL*
I just wanted to update real quick because I'm so freakin amused right now. I'm still on Brandon's away message. *dies laughing* I feel so loved! And that just made my day because frankly, the mood around here isn't too happy. My great grandpa's funeral was today and everyone's sad and stressed and all those emotions like that. I'm trying to get Flo to take me home with her ;)

but yeah, okay this update was pointless

Peace, Love, and Forsyth

<3 Kat
Current Mood: amused

1 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

21st July 2003

2:33am: days like this are interesting
Well, today has definitely been a roller coaster of the day.

I got up, took a shower, made sure my things were ready to go and walked out to wake my dad up because I thought he was still asleep. He wasn't. When I came out of my room he was walking toward me and he said "Hi Sissy." I said "Hi Daddy!" Then he held his arms out for me and told me "Pop called while you were in the shower...Great Grandaddy passed away about twenty minutes ago." and i broke down to tears. I didn't get to see my Great Grandaddy that often, but I'd been fortunate enough to get to know him. I was so scared that he was going to die while I was in Tennessee but i was hoping i would at least get to see him first.

I can't tell you how many times i've heard this today "Grandaddy's in a better place now. He's been wanting to go be with the Lord since Nanny died (2 years ago) and he's with Nanny now. I know you're sad, and that's okay, because when someone dies we get sad for ourselves because even though we know they're in a better place we're sad because we're not going to get to see them anymore." And i appreciate it, but this morning I was just so ready to get out of the house and go do something besides sit there and be talked to.

Flo and I ate lunch with the family and then headed back to her house. Since Grandaddy died i won't be getting to stay here for three days like I'd hoped. I'm staying tonight, then we're going back to the town where my dad and grandparents live tomorrow afternoon so we can be there for visitation tomorrow night and the funeral on Tuesday.

I haven't thought about the death a lot today. i mean I have, but i've been trying to keep my mind on other things because when i think about losing great grandaddy it makes me really sad.

We went to my cousin's Bible School Program tonight at church and during the middle of it i started thinking about grandaddy and i almost had to leave the auditorium because I wanted to cry. I cheered up when we got home though because Flo and I learned how to make screen captures from videos on the computer and we've been messing around with that tonight and having fun.

Tomorrow morning we're dropping my cousin off at her daycamp and then running errands. After that we're going to go feed ducks at the park and just talk about stuff. I'm looking forward to that.

sorry if i was a downer. love you all!

<3 Kat
Current Mood: contemplative

6 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

19th July 2003

9:59pm: HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *FOCLMAO*
FLO's IN MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

and you know what? I'm a dinosaur.

okay bye!

Peace, love, and dinosaurs!!!

<3 Kat (and Flo who's STILL IN MY MIND!!!!)
Current Mood: drunk

12 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

18th July 2003

9:28pm: and the suckiness continues
1. I'm not going to go see Clay. *sniff* I love him. I want to se him so bad. but since the concert is like right before school starts and i want new clothes and stuff for school we can't really afford it. *shrugs* oh well. My mom promised if Clay tours again we can go see him.

2. I'm totally sick at my stomach. My period ended yesterday and my stomach goes crazy before/during/after my period so yeah that really sucks.

i'm gonna go relax and try to get to sleep early.

<3 Kat
Current Mood: sick

1 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

2:45pm: two of my favorite things: Ranting and Fan Fics
Today sucks!!!!!!!!

It really does. All i've done today is chores and stuff while my brother's a lazy ass. I'm in the middle of laundry right now because i had to do laundry to get ready to go to Tennessee. I was going to do it and pack tonight, but no..randomly last night my mom decides to have a party tonight so we're having company tonight. So, I can't go to bed early like I wanted because I have to get up early in the morning, and I can't just chill and pack tonight. No, i have to do it this afternoon before 6:30

On top of that, I was taking a break from crap and I decided to dl Windows Media Player because me and Sarah were talking about screen caps and I got in the mood to make some, well, the player was 80% downloaded and AOL decides to be a butthead and have an "illegal operation" wtf? Anywho...that was my rant. I'm going to go, do the rest of my chores. But I leave you with fan fic...because I haven't posted in a while. I'm reposting the last chapter I posted, and the new one. Enjoy!

Fan Fic Time: A Moment Like This: Chapters 5 and 6Collapse )

OMG! I just realized I have one more thing to say. FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY COMES OUT ON DVD ON AUGUST 26!!!!!!!!!!! whee!!!

Peace, Love, and parties!

<3 Kat
Current Mood: frustrated

4 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

17th July 2003

8:08pm: I <3 my mom!
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *dances around the room excitedly and trips on a shoe*

OMG! my mom is the bestest in the world!!

I just had a great conversation with her.

Me: Mom, are you going to be in town on August 16

Mom: I think so. Why?

Me: I was wondering if you wanted to take me and Andria to see Clay

Mom: Where is he playing?

Me: Memphis, with the American Idol tour

Mom: I'll think about it.

And it was a really positive "I'll think about it." She loves Clay and I think I have a really good chance of getting to go.

Doesn't that kick ass??


Peace, Love, and Aiken

<3 Kat
Current Mood: loved

2 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

10:27am: I was going to get on yesterday and update this thing, but eh..i felt like crap so I didn't and I ended up taking a three hour nap yesterday afternoon. That's how crappy I felt. *mumbles* stupid period

Happy belated Birthday to my bestest friend xxriotgirlxx I LOVE YOU MIMI!!!!! Hope you had a great day

I didn't do much yesterday obviously and I had a really rough night of sleep. Then my brother comes in to use the computer at 9:30 while I'm still sleeping, and wakes me up UGH! so yeah I couldn't go back to sleep and here I am awake, feeling like crap with nothing to do.

One good thing did happen yesterday. I talked to Andria. FINALLY. She says she's been calling my cell phone all week. I wonder why i never heard her call. I had it on the whole time I was in Houston pretty much. Anyway, so we finally talked and we're hoping to do something today. She has a new boyfriend, which kind of surprised me because her relationship with Alex was so serious. I didn't think she'd want to be in another relationship so soon. Oh, and guess what? She might be coming to school with me next year after all! *dances*

I guess that's about it. I can't wait til Saturday!!! My dad is going to pick me up Saturday mornign and we'll get to TN sometime in the afternoon. THEN I GET TO SEE FLO!!!!! yay!!!!

and then I'm going back to Flo's house with her on Sunday and hopefully our stuff from Karen will be there. (I LOVE YOU KAREN!!!!!!!)

Peace, Love, and bubble baths

<3 Kat
Current Mood: blah

1 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

15th July 2003

10:10am: cuz I'm young and I'm hopeless...
a little GC moment there in the title. WOO anywho...not much up here. I woke up like an hour ago because my cats decided to take over my bed and I couldn't go back to sleep LOL.

I got back from Houston yesterday afternoon at about 2:30. I had so much fun there. Friday we went ice skating at the Galleria and well, I only sort of went skating. You see I have this fear of skates because I broke my arm roller skating when I was like 6. So I got really nervous on the skates and had to go take them off and I just watched mimi and her step bro and sis skate. I did have fun though.

Saturday was the zoo for mimi's birthday party. That was fun too and well like mimi said in her entry there's not much to tell because, well, it's a zoo, we saw animals and took pictures. LOL but it was fun and then we went to Chili's afterwards. When we got home we all went swimming and then watched movies. It was the first time in the 5 years that I've known mimi that I've actually been there for her birthday party.

We got back to Arkansas like I said at about 2:30. Then we went to eat lunch followed by a little trip to McCain mall. It wasn't too exciting for me though because something I ate didn't agree with my stomach at all and I got sick while at the mall and spent a good amount of time in the bathrooom, which I'm sure you all wanted to know.

When we got home last night I got some bad news, my great grandpa is dying. He's 91 years old and I really don't want to lose him, but I guess it's his time to go.

I don't have any plans for the day. I do have a couple things I want to do like redecorate my room and put pictures into my photo album. That's probably all I'll do.

I'm going to see Flo on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wheee!!!!! She's going down to my grandparents house on Saturday and I'm going back with her to her house on Sunday and staying til Wednesday. It's gonna be a blast!!!

I guess that's it for now. Oh! no it's not. Go check out my pictures from the Justin Timberlake concert. ALl you have to do is go to www.web-a-photo.com and then on the side where it says "type in a friends username or email address" type in my email address CaityBGood@aol.com It's case sensitive so be sure to type it exactly like I just did.

Peace, Love, and Joelus

<3 Kat

PS: Don't you just LOVE my new icon! mmm Joel!
Current Mood: blank

15 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

14th July 2003

10:22pm: Mr. JT what you got for me?
EEE I got my pictures back as you know and I cropped some of the ones on the photo CD and uploaded them to a website. I will tell about the concert later, but for now here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure. I would write about the concert now but I'm kinda tired. I'm going to try to stay up and watch All Things Rock though. *shrugs*

Oh and jcsillusion I"M SO SO SORRY THAT WE DIDN"T GET TO MEET!!!!!!!!!!! my phone was being a butt so I turned it off early. *big hugs* maybe someday

Peace, Love, and Timberlake

<3 Kat aka K-izzle

Get Justified!Collapse )

MMMM nice right? I have a lot more pictures than that but those are the only ones available for upload because I don't have a scanner and those aren't even the best ones. *grumbles* stupid scanner! Anyways...hope you enjoyed! I'm out!

EDIT: OMG!! OKay, so like the pictures aren't showing up. here's what you're gonna have to do. Go to here http://www.web-a-photo.com/single_view.exe?id=118162 and look through the album. I don't have time to edit the other links right now. If for some reason it doesn't let you flip through the album when you click that link because it's doing that to me right now, go to www.web-a-photo.com and on the side somewhere it should say "Type in a friends username or email address" type in my email address CaityBGood@aol.com and it should take you to my album page. Sorry about the inconvienience. I might have time to try this again tomorrow.
Current Mood: sleepy

3 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

10th July 2003

4:08pm: Where's your Zen Garden?
Hey everyone! what's up? not too much in Kat land. I got to Houston on Monday afternoon after being delayed for two hours in Little Rock because the plane that was coming in from Chicago got delayed. UGH anywho...so I finally got here. Mims picked me up at the airport and I showed her my foxy JT poster that i got at the concert.

Oh yeah..I bet you're wondering about the concert. *Giggles* well i had a blast. I will give you full details later complete with pictures, but you just need to know right now that I had a kick ass time and I didn't get to meet him but I saw his bus go by and he was watching CNN in his bus. *FOCL* He's a CNN dork like me.

Anywho...so monday we didn't do much. We went to go drop my pictures off at Walgreens and I bought last months J-14 which they still had and I found out that JT smokes pot. When we got home from Walgreens we watched a tape that Mimi has of All Things Rock and just happens to have the Cribs with O-Town on it. We watched Cribs like 50 million times and while looking at Dan's room we realized something...Dan's gay. Which is not a bad thing but we couldn't believe we hadn't realized it before. For goodness sake he has a Zen garden in his room. *giggles* So watching Cribs of course spawned many more new O-Town jokes. Like we don't have a million already. WE <3 O-TOWN

Tuesday we had a metro adventure and went to the Galleria. We didn't get there in time to ice skate but we did do some shopping and i bought mims her birthday present. I also bought myself a mini zen garden because it was just too priceless after we had been talking about Dan's Zen garden all day. We decided that everyone needs a zen garden.

Yesterday we just chilled around the house all day and watched movies which was fun. i enjoy chillin. We went out to dinner with Mimi's dad and we saw our 9th grade Geography teacher there. AHHH CREEPY!!!!!!!!! After dinner we went to go see Finding Nemo! That movie is SO cute. I want to see it again. We were going to go see From Justin To Kelly but Houston is ghetto and is not showing it ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anywho...LOL

Today we went swimming with Michelle's friend Andrea and then we walked down to Walgreens and picked up the pictures. There are some pretty good ones. When I get back to Arkansas I'll upload the ones from the photo disk I have. You'll be feelin the JT love.

We're going to the Astros game tonight! Woo!! I love baseball and I <3 Craig Biggio. Mims and I will probably make fun of the announcer the whole time because the Astros have the coolest announcer ever lol Oh, mims maybe we'll see Junction Jack. *FOCL*

Tomorrow we're going back to the Galleria and god dammit we're going to ice skate this time~ LOL I told Mims I'm not leaving H-Town until I get to ice skate.

Peace, Love, and Zen gardens!
<3 K-izzle
Current Mood: happy

5 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

6th July 2003

11:35am: 8 more hours!!!!!!!!!!1
8 hours til the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE concert!! *bounces*

The next three hours are going to be the longest of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lara's coming at 3 to pick me and my brother up. Then we're driving to my grandpa's cousin's house in Little Rock. That'll take about an hour. We'll get there about 4. We'll drop my brother off. I'll touch up my make up and stuff and make sure I'm all sexified for Justin because for once in my life I have floor seats and he will probably see me. *giggles* Then we'll probably go find something to eat before the concert.(if i can even eat. When I get really excited I can't eat LOL. Like at Nationals. The arena had the best chicken strips in the world but i ate like half of one and a french fry and then I was full LOL)

Those who know me personally know that when I go to concerts i like to get there like an hour and a half early. So, I'm hoping to get to the Arena about 6.

We'll wait in line to get in. We'lll have to let them check our purses. I HOPE THEY DON'T TAKE AWAY MY CAMERA!! I've got it pretty well hidden under my cell phone and my wallet though so they probably won't even know that it's in there.

Then we'll go in. I'll check the souvenier stand to see what all they have. I'll decide if I want a t-shirt or what I want then I'll decide if i want to buy it then or later.

Then we'll go to our seats. I'll sit down until the opening act comes on and then I'll get hyper, even though the blackeyed peas are the opening act and eh...they're alright but I don't really like them that much. Anyway I'll be hyper because that means I'm a little bit closer to seeing Justin.

I don't know who's going first, Christina or Justin, but whichever one is cool with me. I'm so totally stoked about the concert!!!!!!!!

I haven't been to a concert in over a year. I think I have concert withdrawl.

Lara doesn't know that I want to stalk Justin after the concert yet. *giggles* I hope she won't mind. The way i see it is, why waste time sitting in non moving traffic when I could be stalking Justin! LOL

Well i'm going to go find something to do to pass the next three hours and 15 minutes. I'll probably watch the Disney Channel. *cracks up* and I'll have to make sure my brother does his chores.

Anyways...I love you guys and I'll miss you all this week while I'm in Houston. Don't miss me too much ;)

Peace, Love, and TIMBERLAKE!!!!!!!!

<3 Kat aka Mama J
Current Mood: bouncy

11 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

5th July 2003

10:26am: don't be surprised if i start to get random
First order of business *Pimps new icon* *bows down to Flo* I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second order of business *stares at Justin Guarini poster on the wall while listening to Unchained Melody and drools* Okay, sorry about that but Justin's version of Unchained Melody is like the greatest ever!! As I once described it to Christie "Clay's version is great, but Justin's version makes me wanna pounce him and make out with him" not that I don't want to do that all the time anyway. Oh god I need to Guarini-fy my room there's not enough Guarini love goin on. I think the only picture I have of him on my wall right now is my From Justin To Kelly movie poster which I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Anywho...yeah, my 4th of July weekend has absolutely kicked ass and you know what the best part is...it's not over yet!!!!!! Whee!!!

Thursday night we went to my mom's friend Lori's church for a cook-out and fireworks. It was awesome!! the people there are SO nice. We had hamburgers and hot dogs and potato salad for dinner and then we went outside and played some games. We played that game you know where you balance and egg in a spoon walk a certain distance then come back and hand it off. Well yeah guess who went first and dropped the freakin egg! LOL it was cool though. I got it the second time around. After games it was time for fireworks. The kids got throw snap dragons while the men that were going to shoot the fireworks were setting up last minute stuff. Then the show began. They were so awesome!! Fireworks are so pretty to me!!! Haley, Lori's three year old daughter, was in love with the fireworks and kept yelling "More more more!" It was adorable!!!!
I'm cutting this now because it's getting longCollapse )

Today will probably not be too exciting considering I'm going to spend it cleaning up, doing chores and getting ready to go to Houston.

Tomorrow is the Justin Timberlake concert!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!! I'm so freakin excited!!!!!!!! hmmm I wonder if I can sneak my mom's camera with me since hers has a zoom. *plots* I'm also plotting going to the bus area after the concert and seeing if I can meet Justin. With my luck it won't happen but a girl can try. Fortunately I already know where the bus area is thanks to COI. whee!!

Monday morning I'm going to Houston to see Mims!! We're going to have a blast!!!!! I cannot wait to get there and see her again. I'll be there for a week so I might not be updating much between now and then unless me and mimi decide to log on and do LJ stuff.

I love you guys!!!

Peace, Love, and Kraatz ass!!!

<3 Kat
Current Mood: hyper

21 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

2nd July 2003

3:48pm: Surprise!!!
Hey you guys!! in the RPG i'm in a couple people are dedicating their icons to their friends so I decided I would do that too because I love all my friends!! So go check out my icon keywords

Unfortunately I could only dedicate icons to ten of y'all but please know that I do truly love you all!!

<3 Kat
Current Mood: thankful

8 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

3:08pm: survey survey survey
Survey cuz Kat is boredCollapse )
Current Mood: blank

3 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

1:27pm: I feel like a huge weight just got lifted off my shoulders. I turned my driver's in research paper in this morning! WOOO!!! I finished it yesterday. So, yeah go me! Tomorrow is my last day of Driver's Ed. I was going to try to get my liscence tomorrow but I'm not ready yet. I'm still getting used to doing everything in the car. So I'll wait til sometime before school starts. That will give me more time to practice my driving more.

I'm really really bored right now. There's not much to do here and ever since my brother's been home he's just gone off to his room and enclosed himself in there. So, I can't hang out with him. I mean, we don't usually hang out much anyway but at least I could be doing something! I called Andria a minute ago at the number she gave me to call and she wasn't there. Unless she comes over for a little while tomorrow than she's not going to get to see me before I go to Houston. I feel like I've drifted apart from her and that sucks!!!!!! I don't want that.

It's sad, but she's my only real friend here in Hot Springs. Well, I guess that's not true, I have Lara too but Lara and I don't get to see each other that much. But anyway...we got really close me and Andria and now I feel like I don't even know her sometimes. Andria, if you are reading this, CALL ME!!!!!!

5 Days til Houston!!! whoooo!!!!!!! (4 Days til Justin Timberlake!! eeeee!!!)

I'm going to go find something to do. I'll be around later.

Peace, Love, and Guarini!!
<3 Kat

Current Mood: relaxed

5 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

1st July 2003

5:59pm: one liner
*pimps new mood theme*
Current Mood: giggly

2 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

30th June 2003

11:53am: *puts off writing research paper*
well here I am! Did you miss me? Sorry I didn't update the other day after I said I would but I got busy and have basically been running non-stop the whole weekend. But you know what? I'm in SUCH a good mood! I haven't been in such a good mood in a while and there's really no particular reason for this whirl of happiness.

Friday night my brother got home from Tennessee and he, me, my mom, and my dad, went out to dinner with my mom's friends Lee and Diana, and their daughter Holly for Holly's birthday. Then we all went to the mall and walked around for a while.

Saturday morning I went to the Cracker Barrell for breakfast with my mom and Diana (mims I got you a surprise! hehehe) and then I went to the library to work on my stupid Driver's Ed Paper. Diana picked me up from the library at about 1:30 and took me home with her because I was going with her and Holly to Magic Springs to sort of help babysit Holly and and her friends. Magic Springs was a lot of fun. For those of you who know me well, you know I'm not really into the whole ammusement park thing, but i had a blast I even actually rode stuff!! LOL

Alex spent the night Saturday night with my brother which was awkward for me because I had no idea at the time what was going on with him and Andria. I found out yesterday that apparently they're trying to be friends but it's hard on both of them. Especially Alex. (well as far as I know. I haven't really talked to Andria much)

Anyway...so yesterday afternoon we all went to go see Finding Nemo. IT WAS SO CUTE!!!!!!! I finally found Nemo!!!! *cracks up* but anyway..yeah it was cute. After we got out of Finding Nemo Alex and Jeff went to go do something and I talked my mom into giving me some money and dropping me off to see J2K again!!! Whee!!! Three times and counting!!! Whee and soon i will sort of have the soundtrack. (Thanks Karen! *muah*)

After I got home from the movie I ate dinner and then I called Mims and we talked for a while. We planned a couple things to do while we're there. We want to take in a double feature of Finding Nemo and From Justin To Kelly. *cracks up* And we also reminissed about going to the Britney Spears concert last summer.

This morning I got up early and went to Driver's Ed. OMG! Today was the best driving I ever did! I'm finally getting to where I'm more comfortable in the car and my instructor even said I did a lot better today. WHEEEE!!! I felt so proud of myself.

I got home at about ten and made myself some Tater Tots. LOL. They make good breakfast if you ask me. Then I watched part of Making The Tour on MTV. OMG!! It's six freakin days until i go see Justin Timberlake!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna freak!!!! It's going to be so much fun. I told my mom that I was going through concert withdrawl because I hadn't been to a concert in over a year.

When I go see Justin it will be two years since Mimi and I went to go see *NSYNC together. Isn't that freaky? it's the exact same date.

Anyway, I guess I've put off working on my paper long enough. I should go get a little bit done at least. My plan is to grab a snack from downstairs, work on my paper for maybe an hour and then do my chores and probably work on my paper some more after that. Maybe I'll call Sara's voicemail again. Hehehe. But I'm going to go.

To those of you who I abandoned last night online I am SO sorry. My stupid AOL cut me off and then I had to stay off because my mom was going to fuss at me if I stayed on. Sorry. *loves*

Peace, Love, and Timberlake!!!

<3 Kat

PS: Fan Fic Time!!!! A Moment Like This: Chapter 5Collapse )
Current Mood: devious

19 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

27th June 2003

12:45pm: just some fan fic because my life is boring
nothing to say yet. nothing has really happened today. so, here is chapter four of my Justin Guarini fan fic.

Comment it.
Just don't diss the Guarini ;)

Peace, Love, and Guarini

<3 Kat

A Moment Like This: Chapter 4Collapse )
Current Mood: bored

8 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

26th June 2003

8:28pm: one day Kat was walking through the ghetto and guess what happened...Collapse )
Current Mood: amused

9 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

7:23pm: Is This Clay Aiken's Residence?
1. I got my haircut today! whee!!
2. It looks absolutely adorable! I love it!
3. I just realized that it's only 10 days til I go see Justin Timberlake!
4. Holy Shnykees!!!!!! It came up way fast!
5. That means it's only 11 days til I see Mims!! Whee!!!
6. Shit! I also just realized that my Driver's Ed research paper is due in a week.
7. I've majorly got to work on it this weekend. (Damn! I was hoping to go see J2K again!)
8. I have to get up early in the morning to go to Class for Driver's Ed.
9. OMG! The funniest thing happened this morning while I was talking to Flo online.
10. My cell phone rings, and my brother is on the phone. He goes "I have to tell you something and it couldn't wait til later. This old lady just called Dad's house and asked 'Is this Clay Aiken's residence?'"
11. I could NOT stop laughing. I wish I could have been there to take the call
12. Flo have you emailed my dad yet about me coming to stay with you for a few days.
13. Karen I swear I should devote a whole entry to you. You freakin kick ass!! I cannot believe that you are so sweet! I mean who else is d/l-ing songs from From Justin To Kelly for me AND sending me a Cd of Shae and Vic stuff. I love you! You rock!!
15. My brother's getting home from Tennessee tomorrow. I've missed him. OMG I cannot believe I actually admited that. LOL
16. I haven't talked to Andria in like 3 days. I'm a little worried.
17. She called last night while I was eating dinner and said she would call back since I was eating.
18. She didn't call back. She called today while I was at the Salon, but she didn't leave a message and she didn't call my cell.
20. Ooh tennis is on TV in a little bit!

Peace, Love, and Andy Roddick,

<3 Kat

PS: Here's chapter 3 of my Justin Guarini fan fic

A Moment Like This : Chapter 3Collapse )
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5 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

24th June 2003

4:35pm: I like dreams
HEHEHE I totally forgot to tell you about this dream i had about Peter Tchernyshev two nights ago.

Read more...Collapse )


Peace, Love, and PETAH!!!

<3 Kat
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11 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

4:15pm: I have a new saying
I was talking to Mims online and I told her I was listening to Justin Guarini. She said "So am I. j/k" because I'm a dork I thought she was making fun of me for my new obsession. But she wasn't. Anyway...I told her "Hey, Don't diss the Guarini!" *cracks up* So that's what my new saying is.


Peace love and Guarini!

<3 Kat
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2 Feel the Rhythm Don't Take Away the Music

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